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Attack on Russian submarine is unique event media

Wednesday, 13 September 2023, 14:17
Attack on Russian submarine is unique event  media
Rostov-on-Don submarine, photo from Defense Express website

Ukraine's attack on the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in occupied Sevastopol can be considered a great success: a large landing ship was hit for the third time, and a submarine was hit for the first time.

Source: Defense Express

Details: It is about putting out of order for a long time or even completely destroying the Minsk large amphibious assault ship and the Rostov-on-Don diesel-electric submarine. Russian media report that these two were damaged during a night attack on Russian-occupied Sevastopol while in a dry dock.


And if the defeat of a large amphibious ship happened for the third time, the defeat of a submarine is a unique situation that has made history, Defense Express says.

Quote: "The fact is that Ukraine does not have full-time capabilities to fight Russian submarines.

A submarine is an extremely difficult target, which requires a whole complex of means with anti-submarine ships, aircraft and helicopters, and own submarines. But there is simply nothing of the above in Ukraine now.

There are neither modern ships that can patrol the water area to search for and destroy submarines, nor anti-submarine aircraft such as the P-8 Poseidon or even the P-3 Orion, nor, of course, an underwater component of the fleet.

And even if we were not talking about the fact that the Russian Federation uses its submarines almost in the mode of launching cruise missiles from the Sevastopol raid, there is simply nothing for the Ukrainian Navy to search for and destroy them in the Black Sea."

Details: Defense Express says that the only way to hit a Russian submarine was to destroy it in a surface position, that is, in a bay.

This is what Ukrainian pilots have done.

"And this is the first use of cruise missiles to destroy a submarine in history, and even more effective immediately. And this is not the first time that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have spoken new words in a military naval exercise because before this, for the first time in history, the Ukrainian military destroyed a missile cruiser and effectively used naval drones," the publication notes.

Defense Express suggests that this, with a high degree of probability, could mean the final decommissioning of the Rostov-on-Don submarine.

It is not only about the scale of the fire that engulfed the dry dock, where the submarine was located together with the Minsk landing ship, but also about the probable use of a cruise missile of the Storm Shadow type, the media emphasises.

Storm Shadow has a warhead weighing 450 kg, which consists of two separate parts. The first is a leading cumulative charge, which breaches a hole in the obstacle, and then, the main high-explosive warhead hits the actual target. Thus, when a submarine or any other ship is hit, the explosion goes through the middle of the hull.

This already means critical damage. In the case of a large-scale fire that engulfed both ships, we are talking about critical consequences because the ships simply burn out from the inside, and due to the high temperature, the bulkheads melt, the media states.

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