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Pro-Russian MP Shufrych faces suspicion of high treason

Friday, 15 September 2023, 14:45
Pro-Russian MP Shufrych faces suspicion of high treason
Photo: Security Service of Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine, the State Bureau of Investigation and the Office of the Prosecutor General have collected considerable evidence on the anti-Ukrainian activities of Ukrainian MP Nestor Shufrych.

Source: press service of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU); Office of the Prosecutor General on Telegram

Details: Security Service case materials mention that the prosecutors from the Office of the Prosecutor General had served Shufrych with a notice of suspicion under Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (high treason).


Quote SSU: "As is evidenced by the investigation materials, Shufrych worked closely with and carried out the tasks of the former NSDC (National Security and Defence Council) Secretary Volodymyr Sivkovych, an FSB agent whose task is to coordinate Russian agents in Ukraine.

Sivkovych fled to Moscow in 2014 and created a ‘network of moles’ for carrying out subversive activities against our state. It was he who supervised Oleh Kulynych, the former head of the SSU Department in Crimea, who is suspected of treason and who was personally arrested by the head of the Security Service, Vasyl Malyuk.

One of Shufrych’s main tasks was to conduct subversive activities in the media. He systematically disseminated the Kremlin's narratives that the Ukrainian state is a supposedly artificial entity, that Ukraine and Russia share a common history, and that Ukrainians and Russians are allegedly ‘one nation.’ IN this way, Shufrych tried to develop pro-Russian sentiments in Ukrainian society."

Details: It is specified that 45 searches are currently being carried out at the places of residence of the MP and his close associates.

The pre-trial investigation continues. The sanction under the article provides for up to 15 years in prison.

Background: On Friday 15 September, it was revealed that the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) found banned Russian St George’s ribbons, medals and uniforms during a search at the home of MP Nestor Shufrych from the banned Opposition Platform For Life, a pro-Russian and Eurosceptic political party.

The SSU also found a document with a plan for the autonomy of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, dated 2014, signed by former MP Viktor Medvedchuk, now deprived of Ukrainian citizenship, and Shufrych himself.

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