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Russians hit high-rise building in Vuhledar, Donetsk Oblast, killing married couple and injuring two other people

Saturday, 2 September 2023, 20:54

Two people were killed and two others were injured in a Russian attack on the city of Vuhledar, Donetsk Oblast, on 2 September.

Source: Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor's Office

Details: The Prosecutor's Office said the attack on Vuhledar on Saturday was probably an air strike.


A residential development was at the strikes’ epicentre. A man, 43, and his wife, 42 were killed in a strike on one of the high-rise buildings.


The couple's 19-year-old daughter and another local resident, 53, were injured. They were taken to hospital with blast injuries, concussion and bruising to receive emergency medical care.

The explosions destroyed part of the entrance to the residential building, damaging the roof, windows and balconies.

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