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"Western handlers" deliberately put a Jew in charge of Ukraine Putin

Tuesday, 5 September 2023, 17:53
Western handlers deliberately put a Jew in charge of Ukraine  Putin
Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that "Western handlers put an ethnic Jew in charge of modern Ukraine" to "cover up the anti-human nature" of Ukraine.

Source: Putin in a comment to a journalist from the Kremlin-aligned TV channel VGTRK, as cited by Meduza 

Quote: "This makes the situation utterly repugnant: that an ethnic Jew is covering up the glorification of Nazism and of those who once presided over the Holocaust in Ukraine."



  • Putin said in June, supposedly quoting "Jewish friends" of his, that Zelenskyy "is not a Jew, but a disgrace to the Jewish people".
  • Ukraine's Chief Rabbi, Moshe Reuven Azman, responded to the Kremlin dictator, saying that he was proud of President Zelenskyy.

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