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Romania admits finding wreckage of alleged drone after Russian Shahed UAVs attack

Wednesday, 6 September 2023, 15:15
Romania admits finding wreckage of alleged drone after Russian Shahed UAVs attack

Debris that appeared to be parts of the drone was found near the Danube River on the territory of Romania.

Source: Antena 3 CNN, citing Romanian defence minister Angel Tilvar

Details: Tilvar has confirmed in an exclusive comment to journalists that specialists found wreckage similar to the remains of a drone near the village of Plauru in the territory of Tulcea county, opposite Ukraine's Izmail. The settlements are separated only by the channel of the Danube.


Location on the map

At first, Bucharest categorically denied the fall of the Russian Shahed drones, which attacked Ukrainian ports on the Danube, on the territory of Romania.

"We surveyed a very large area, including the one that was talked about publicly, and I can confirm that we found fragments in that area that could be the drone's wreckage," Angel Tilvar said. According to him, the parts found do not pose any threat.

"We see that in a fairly short time, there has been a series of Russian attacks against Ukrainian port infrastructure and warehouses, and I think it is important for us to strengthen vigilance measures. We will have more observation points, more patrols," the minister added, noting that he was going to communicate with the authorities of the towns closest to the border with Ukraine.


  • On 4 September, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry with reference to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that during the Russian attack on Ukrainian ports on the Danube river on the night of 2-3 September, Russian Shahed drones fell down in the territory of Romania, and added the photo of the explosion from the other side of Danube.
  • Initially, Romania’s Defence Ministry denied this information, claiming Russian drones did not pose a threat for Romania.
  • Later, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba reported that Ukraine had photo evidence of the crash of Shahed drones on the Romanian territory.
  • In February, Romania recorded the flight of Russian missiles near its borders. At the time, Kyiv reported that two Russian Kalibr cruise missiles crossed Ukraine's border with Moldova and flew in Romanian airspace.
  • Since the start of Russian strikes in August 2023 on the infrastructure of Izmail and Reni, Romania has been checking whether any drones or drone debris fell on its territory.

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