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Israel attacks elite Hamas unit in Gaza, killing top-ranking officer

Thursday, 12 October 2023, 08:53
Israel attacks elite Hamas unit in Gaza, killing top-ranking officer

The Israeli military has reported that it has attacked several operative HQs from which Hamas had organised the terrorist invasion of Israeli territory, and killed a top-ranking naval officer.

Source: The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel

Quote from the JP: "IDF [Israel Defence Forces - ed.] fighter jets carried out a night of airstrikes across the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas' elite fighting unit Nokhba, which spearheaded the mass infiltration from the Strip on 7 October."


Details: The IDF also reported that it had killed Mohammed Abu Shamala, a senior Hamas naval forces official, by striking his house.

Mohammed Abu Shamala was a senior Hamas naval forces official in the southern part of Gaza.

His home was also used to store naval armaments, which might have been used for the attack on the State of Israel.

In a conversation with reporters, IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated that the IDF had also killed Mustafa Shahin, a Hamas militant who filmed and broadcasted the Hamas attacks on Israel's south on 7 October.

Quote: "We will close the account with everyone who was involved in the horrors of the war. We take videos from the internet and identify them with the help of facial recognition."

The IDF also reported that at night it struck dozens of targets belonging to members of Hamas with separate strikes.


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