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Ukrainian drone can reach Kerch Bridge despite increased security there

Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 12:20
Ukrainian drone can reach Kerch Bridge despite increased security there

Despite approximately 10 periodically rotated Russian ships and boats permanently guarding the Kerch Bridge, a small Ukrainian drone can still sneak there.

Source: Captain Dmytro Pletenchuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy, in an interview with Ukrinform

Quote: "They have military dolphins, I don't know who else can be added to that security system. Because we see they use various methods there – they stretched containment booms on sunken barges against our uncrewed surface vessels and unmanned underwater vehicles, but there is still a way. And, of course, this place is enough for our small drone to slip through there. The Russian group that defends the Kerch Bridge uses approximately 10 units of ships and boats that are periodically rotated. And the enemy's tactics are simple – to narrow this passage as much as possible to wait there for possible targets and shoot them."


Details: Speaking about the air protection of the bridge, Pletenchuk noted that Russian chemical weapons are constantly on duty there, including special smoke machines that spray an aerosol that is aimed to baffle the guidance systems of foreign-made cruise missiles.

At the same time, Pletenchuk stressed that no Russian measures will prevent Ukraine's Defence Forces from striking legitimate targets.

Previously: UK intelligence reported that the Kerch Bridge, although restored after damage, will be limited in providing Russian transport to occupied Crimea and will also require significant Russian resources to protect against new attacks



  • The occupation authorities of Crimea announced the resumption of traffic in mid-September on the section of the bridge destroyed after the explosions on 17 July. But after that, the bridge was closed many times. Sometimes it was closed for an hour, sometimes for a whole night.
  • In the end of September, the Russians installed barges south of the Crimean Bridge that are supposed to become "barricades" covering the bridge against Ukrainian USVs.
  • The Russian Meduza media site said the Crimean bridge is guarded by fighter jets from the sky, and by divers and fighting dolphins underwater.

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