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Polish government observes increasingly aggressive Belarusian and Russian propaganda activities

Monday, 30 October 2023, 07:47

Stanisław Żaryn, Government Plenipotentiary for the Security of the Polish Information Space, has reported that the Belarusian propaganda apparatus has intensified aggressive information activities directed against Poland.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Polish radio station Polskie Radio

Details: Żaryn said propaganda activities complement the operation to destabilise the Polish border using artificially stimulated migration pressure.


Stanisław Żaryn noted that Russian propaganda outlets continue to widely comment on the post-election situation in Poland. The most widespread narrative as of now is that the Polish state will continue to be filled with Russophobia. At the same time, Russia's message is one that is harmful to Poland and society.

The official noted that both the intensification of the operation accusing Poland of crimes against illegal migrants and the sharp strengthening of the narrative about "Polish Russophobia" can be seen as a form of pressure on the future government.

The emphasis will also be on changing Warsaw's approach to threats from the east. The apparatuses of influence of both regimes note the "validity" of the demands to reduce the number of Polish army personnel.

Background: In early October, Stanisław Żaryn stated that Russia is continuing to promote a false image of Poland as a threat to Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast.

The official also noted that "the Belarusian propaganda apparatus, using media controlled by Belarusian diplomatic missions, recently conducted an information provocation based on the false claim that a Polish helicopter had violated Belarusian airspace".

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