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NATO Secretary General urges NATO not to stop supporting Ukraine

Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 21:39

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, has once again urged the Alliance's member states not to slow the pace of the military support for Ukraine despite the escalation in the Middle East.

Source: Stoltenberg during the meeting of the Nordic Council, which unites the states of Northern Europe, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Stoltenberg stressed that NATO cannot "solve only one crisis each time", meaning the attack of the Hamas group on Israel, and remarked that there are no signs of Russia’s readiness for peace with Ukraine.


Quote: "Ukrainians are fighting. With courage and determination. But courage doesn't stop bombs. Determination does not intercept missiles. That's what weapons do. Of high quality – and in large quantities. Tanks, air defences, fighter planes and ammunition."

Stoltenberg also reminded the public that at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, everyone feared that Kyiv would fall in just a few days, but instead, the Ukrainians have liberated half of the territory which Russia had occupied last year, survived as a nation and preserved their freedom and independence.

"Russia has lost. It has lost tens of thousands of soldiers. It has lost large amounts of military material. And it has lost political influence and is increasingly isolated. The invasion of Ukraine is a strategic defeat for Russia," the NATO Secretary General added.

Stoltenberg stated earlier that amid the escalation of the Arab-Israeli conflict, NATO has not lost its determination to continue supporting Ukraine’s resistance against the Russian aggression.

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