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Russian forces strike Kherson: hit council official's house, one killed, more injured

Saturday, 11 November 2023, 17:30
Russian forces strike Kherson: hit council official's house, one killed, more injured
The aftermath of the hit in Kherson. PHOTO: Most

Russian occupying forces have attacked the city of Kherson on Saturday, 11 November, at around 15:00 and hit a house belonging to Ihor Yosypenko, a member of Kherson Oblast Council from the European Solidarity party faction.

Source: Most Kherson, an information and analytical website covering events in Kherson; Kherson Oblast Military Administration on Telegram

Quote: "His [Yosypenko’s] house in the private residential area was fired upon around 15:00. A total of four explosions occurred then."


Details: The attack reportedly caused a fire in the building. 

Later, the Kherson Oblast Military Administration reported that two people suffered injuries when a Russian projectile hit an apartment building in the central part of Kherson.

A woman, 29, sustained moderate injuries to her head, neck and legs. She was hospitalised.

A woman from Kherson, aged 53, sustained a contusion and a leg injury. She received medical care and will undergo further treatment on an outpatient basis.

Later, the Kherson Oblast Prosecutor's Office reported that a man was killed and two women were injured in the Russian attack on Kherson on Saturday, 11 November.


Quote from the prosecutor’s office: "A Russian projectile hit a private house in one of the districts of the oblast centre, causing it to catch fire. The residents of the house were not injured.

At around 15:00, three residents – two women and a man – sustained injuries of varying severity due to the hit near an apartment building. Updated information indicates that the man's injuries were fatal; he died in hospital."

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