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US discreetly sends Israel more ammunition and missiles – Bloomberg

Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 10:37
US discreetly sends Israel more ammunition and missiles – Bloomberg

The Pentagon has increased military assistance to Israel discreetly, fulfilling requests for 155 mm shells, night-vision equipment, bunker-buster munitions, additional laser-guided missiles for its fleet of Apache gunships, and new army vehicles.

Source: Bloomberg

Quote: "The weapons pipeline to Israel is extending beyond the well-publicised provision of Iron Dome interceptors and Boeing Co…


The arms sought by Israel as it fights Hamas, designated as a terrorist group by the US and European Union, are listed in a document labelled ‘Israel Senior Leader’ requests that’s dated late October and is circulating in the Pentagon."

Details: According to a document reviewed by the media, weapons are either already being shipped or the Pentagon is working to provide them from warehouses in the United States and Europe.

As of late October, for instance, the total shows that at least 3,500 night-vision devices, 1,800 of the requested M141 bunker-buster munitions, and all 36,000 rounds of 30 mm gun ammunition had been delivered.


A Pentagon spokesman declined to discuss details, but the US Department of Defense said in a statement that "security assistance continues to arrive on a near-daily basis."

The United States has quickly provided precision munitions, small-diameter bombs, 155 mm artillery shells and other ammunition, along with Iron Dome interceptors and medical equipment.

The ammunition for AH-64 Apache helicopters includes about 2,000 Hellfire laser-guided missiles manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp.

In addition, Israel has asked for more than 20,000 M4A1 rifles, 57,000 155mm High Explosive artillery shells, 5,000 PVS-14 night vision devices, 3,000 M141 hand-held bunker-buster munitions that are being supplied by US Central Command, 400 120 mm mortars, and 75 new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles from the Army and Marine Corps, which will replace the Hummer.

According to estimates, the United States also supplied 312 Tamir interceptor missiles.

Two Iron Dome army batteries are being transported to Israel by sea.

Israel has also requested 200 Switchblade 600 armoured drones manufactured by AeroVironment Inc. Ukraine has bought drones directly from this company.

The US Army does not have a single Switchblade 600 in service. It is unclear whether AeroVironment has ready-made drones in stock. A spokesperson for AeroVironment declined to comment.

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