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Two dead and several wounded in missile strike in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 13:15

The Russian military launched three missile strikes on civilian infrastructure in one of the settlements of Zaporizhzhia district, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, killing two people and wounding several others on Wednesday morning. 

Source: Yurii Malashko, Head of the Zaporizhzhia oblast military administration; the State Emergency Service

Quote: "From 09:50 to 10:18, Russian terrorist forces launched 3 missile strikes at the civilian infrastructure of one of the settlements in Zaporizhzhia district. The type of missile is currently being clarified.

As of this moment (12:25), there is a dead man and seven wounded, two of them are women. 


Update: The death toll of the Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia Oblast later rose to two, Malashko said.

Both victims are State Emergency Service workers who had arrived on site to deal with the aftermath of the first strike.

The State Emergency Service named them as Vitalii Nakariakov, 31, and Serhii Dorohokuplia, 34.


The blast wave and debris damaged houses, two cars and outbuildings located near the site of the strikes."

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