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Defence Ministry reduces timeframe for supply of Ukrainian-made weapons to military

Friday, 3 November 2023, 12:11
Defence Ministry reduces timeframe for supply of Ukrainian-made weapons to military
Photo: ArmyInform

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has reduced the timeframe for supplying Ukrainian equipment and weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 1 November.

Source: Ministry of Defence

Quote: "During the period of martial law, the production cycle has been shortened, and the testing process has been simplified. This significantly frees up the hands of manufacturers.


From now on, it will be the manufacturer who determines by what technical parameters it will deliver products to the customer, and the military will agree on the list of parameters (previously, the military prescribed a significant list of these parameters in technical specifications)."

Details: The Ministry of Defence specifies that it has cancelled weapons tests unrelated to confirming their combat capability and reduced the number of checks at different stages of production, leaving only the most appropriate ones. 

The ministry reports that the changes introduced will also allow troops to receive new types of weapons and military equipment faster.  

Earlier, the Ministry of Defence provided the following example: previously, to ensure a warranty period of storage (for weapons, this is ten years), a new model of weapons and military equipment had to undergo accelerated climate tests for six months, and sometimes even a year, to determine whether it would be operational for ten years. This requirement is now being cancelled. 

The ministry explains that in many cases, the manufacturer clearly understands there is no need to store this sample for ten years because it immediately goes from the assembly line to the frontline. 

In addition, from now on, the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence will insist on confirming only three factors: proven effectiveness of the equipment, its safety for personnel and reliability in operation.  

The manufacturer assumes full responsibility for the quality of the manufactured weapons, the amount of necessary tests and all risks associated with supplying these weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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