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Putin calls on security forces of Commonwealth of Independent States to unite

Wednesday, 8 November 2023, 13:39
Putin calls on security forces of Commonwealth of Independent States to unite

In an address to secretaries of the security councils of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the actions of some states are aimed at undermining "legitimate power". He has therefore called on the security forces of the CIS to unite to prevent this and ensure "stability".

Source: The Moscow Times

Quote: "Old hotbeds of conflicts have intensified and new ones have appeared, particularly in the Middle East, and the global instability is being projected onto Eurasia too. Moreover, the actions of some states are directly aimed at undermining legitimate power, social stability and traditional values in the CIS countries, violating our traditional close trade links and cooperative and cultural ties."


Details: Putin said the CIS is threatened by "radicalism and extremism", in addition to organised crime, terrorism and drug trafficking, and there are risks to "economic, information, technological and biological security".

Putin believes that all this requires a "coordinated collective response, as well as a large amount of preventive work, the purpose of which is to ensure the ‘stability’ of the CIS".

"It is important to use the forecasting, information and analytical potential of the security councils to the fullest," Putin emphasised, adding that such work should be aimed at "clearly defining priorities" and "making timely adjustments" to strategic planning documents.

Background: Earlier, at a meeting focused on the situation in Dagestan, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine and "agents of Western secret services" had fuelled the anti-Semitic violence in Makhachkala on 29 October.

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