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New designs of "trench electronic warfare systems" approved for service in Ukraine, two more to follow

Friday, 1 December 2023, 13:45
New designs of trench electronic warfare systems approved for service in Ukraine, two more to follow
Stock photo: ArmyInform

Ukraine has trialled domestically-made tactical radio jamming assets in combat-like conditions involving drones and recommended that they be supplied to the armed forces.

Source: Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk, Ukraine's Deputy Defence Minister, interviewed by ArmyInform

Details: These are modern designs called "trench electronic warfare (EW) systems", vital on the battlefield to guard against Russian drone "swarms".


Havryliuk said the Ukrainian Defence Ministry and the General Staff have completed testing domestically-made tactical radio interference devices against loitering munitions and First-Person View (FPV) drones, proving their tactical and technical characteristics in conditions close to combat.

These systems were recommended for codification and registration as standard service items for further supply to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Testing of a range of tactical electronic warfare assets to combat UAVs and UAV detection equipment is planned to take place shortly.

Systems recently approved for commissioning by the Ukrainian MoD include an electronic warfare asset used to combat all types of adversary UAVs, capable of jamming control signals, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou satellite navigation data, and creating multiple false signals.

The system has a passive UAV detection and tracking system.

Two more prototypes of domestically-made trench EW systems are currently being catalogued by the defence ministry. These are a system designed to counter Russian Lancet attack UAVs and an asset for protection against adversary FPV drones.


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