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Guardian amends article on Orbán allies meeting US officials regarding Ukraine aid

Monday, 11 December 2023, 13:45
Guardian amends article on Orbán allies meeting US officials regarding Ukraine aid
Viktor Orbán. Photo: AFP via Getty Images

The Guardian reported on 10 December that allies of the Hungarian prime minister would be meeting privately with Republicans in Washington to demand an end to US military support for Ukraine. Now the article in question has changed significantly.

Source: European Pravda

Details: The original version of the article mentioned that the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, is hosting a two-day event in Washington that starts on 11 December.


It was due to be attended by Attila Demko, a prominent academic who supports Orbán, and Márton Ugrosdi, Deputy Secretary of State at Orbán's Political Office, along with representatives of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington. Kelley Currie, a former US ambassador during the tenure of then-president Donald Trump, was also confirmed as participating.

The first day was set to include panel speeches on the war in Ukraine and the transatlantic culture wars. A Republican source said some of the attendees, including Republican members of Congress, had been invited to join closed-door talks on the following day.

Some time later, however, the Guardian deleted fundamental sections of the article. The section about Ugrosdi and Demko's involvement vanished entirely, and the part about Currie was updated to say that she had been invited to the event, but had declined to attend.

Demko, a Hungarian expert and writer, reacted indignantly to the Guardian article, calling it fake news.

"I don't stand for anything at all, I'm not a political figure, it's ridiculous to attribute such influence or role to me – The Guardian picked up on that and removed that part – but I think the rest is fake. Someone thoroughly misled the authors," he wrote on his Facebook page.

In the updated article, the event's participants are said to be members of the Hungarian Institute of International Relations and staff of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington.

The Guardian did not explain why the article’s content had been altered.

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