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NATO sees no threat in Russian drone crash in Romania as it was unintentional

Thursday, 14 December 2023, 17:38
NATO sees no threat in Russian drone crash in Romania as it was unintentional
Jens Stoltenberg. Stock photo: Getty Images

NATO believes that the crash of a Russian drone on the territory of the Alliance, i.e. in Romania, was not intentional and therefore does not pose a threat.

Source: a comment by Acting NATO Spokesperson Dylan White, reported by European Pravda

Details: On behalf of the Alliance, White "strongly condemned" Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine and along the Danube.


Quote: "NATO has no information indicating any intentional attack by Russia against Allies. We continue to monitor the situation and remain in close contact with the Romanian authorities."


  • A Shahed drone crashed on Romanian territory, not far from the border with Ukraine, 4 km from the town of Grindu, on the night of 13-14 December. A 1.5-metre crater was found at the crash site. F-16s and Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft were dispatched to monitor the area.
  • In connection with the incident, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Valery Kuzmin, the Russian Ambassador to Bucharest.
  • During the nighttime drone attack on Odesa Oblast, a student accommodation building in Odesa was damaged by falling drone pieces. Eleven people were injured. A total of 11 buildings were also damaged, two cars were burned out, and warehouses near the port in the Izmail district were destroyed.
  • The 650-km land border between Romania and Ukraine has become a target of Russian attacks. Pieces of Russian drones used to attack the territory of Ukraine have been landing in Romania over the last few months.

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