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Russians report mass drone attack on Crimea

Friday, 15 December 2023, 21:45
Russians report mass drone attack on Crimea
Sevastopol. Stock photo: WIKIPEDIA

An explosion has been heard in temporarily occupied Sevastopol. Mikhail Razvozhayev, the self-proclaimed "governor" of Sevastopol, said it was a downed drone.

Source: Krym.Realii; Krymskii Veter; Razvozhayev on Telegram

Details: According to Krym.Realii, there were multiple rocket-propelled bomb launches in the city centre of Sevastopol, and then there was a loud explosion audible from the vicinity of the entrance to the main bay.


So-called "governor" Razvozhayev reported that Russian air defence had shot down one drone and "no damage to infrastructure was recorded".

In addition, two explosions in Dzhankoi have been reported by Telegram channel Krymskii Veter. Traffic through the Dzhankoi checkpoint was blocked.

Updated: Later Krym.Realii reported with reference to local residents that Russian air defence is operating in the area between the Black Sea and Mizhvodne. They also reported on the work of air defence in the area of Henichesk.


Updated at 21:45: Russian Defence Ministry reported that their air defence allegedly shot down "26 Ukrainian aircraft" over the Crimean Peninsula in two hours. 

Background: Roman Starovoit, the governor of Kursk Oblast in Russia, claimed that Russian air defence had downed four UAVs in the sky over Kursk.

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