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Border blockade: Polish farmers refuse to let any lorries pass through Shehyni checkpoint

How Poland replaces Ukrainian agricultural products with Russian ones – investigation by Ukrainska Pravda

Ukraine's Ambassador demands Poland do "everything under the sun" to punish those responsible for grain destruction

Zelenskyy's press secretary says talks have begun with Poland on meeting format at border

Zelenskyy sends government representatives to border with Poland and calls for meeting with PM Tusk – video

Ongoing blockade: State Border Guard Service updates info on traffic at 6 crossings with Poland

Poles could lose many jobs due to blockade of border with Ukraine – Polish Agriculture Minister

Ukraine plans new export route on Danube to bypass Polish blockade

Polish border blockade: Cars and buses let through on two checkpoints

Ukrainian Agriculture Ministry condemns forms of protest of Polish farmers who spilled grain from train

Border blockade to cause more damage to Poland than Ukraine

Aggressive blockade: Ukraine's State Border Guard Service on Ukraine-Poland border situation

Polish farmers block another checkpoint on border with Ukraine without specifying deadline for lifting blockade

Polish agrarians say they will block all Ukrainian freight transport

Poles block 6th border crossing point with Ukraine for 1 hour in ongoing protest

Lviv Mayor on Polish protesters' spilling of Ukrainian grain: "Senseless and shameful"

Polish Minister supports farmers, demands quotas and does not rule out blockade of imports from Ukraine

Poles blocked 3 checkpoints on border: passenger cars stuck in queues at Medyky checkpoint

Polish farmers block checkpoint on border with Ukraine

Romanians lift border blockade at border crossing point with Ukraine

Romanian protesters block Ukrainian lorries at another checkpoint – photo

Polish-Ukrainian border no longer blocked, but Romanian border still is

Polish blockade of Ukrainian border lifted entirely, protests end at Yahodyn checkpoint

Poles lift border blockade for lorries at two Ukrainian checkpoints

Romanian farmers block lorries at 2 checkpoints on Ukrainian border

Polish farmers resume blockade of Medyka-Shehyni border crossing

Drivers wait over 30 days to leave Poland through Dorohusk checkpoint

Poland hopes for cease of border blockade by Christmas after talks in Kyiv

Over 5,000 lorries headed for Ukraine stuck in Poland as 4 checkpoints blocked

Poles block lorry traffic through Dorohusk-Yahodyn checkpoint again