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Occupiers rebuild anti-sea drones fortifications in Sevastopol

Sunday, 3 December 2023, 18:12
Occupiers rebuild anti-sea drones fortifications in Sevastopol
Harbour defences of the occupiers, currently rebuilt. Photo: X (Twitter) of Brady Africk

The occupiers in Crimea have rebuilt the anti-sea drones fortifications damaged in the storm in the Sevastopol harbour.

Source: Brady Africk, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analyst, on Twitter (X)

Details: Africk published satellite images of the fortifications made on 13 October and from 2 December, and it can be seen that the fortifications have been rebuilt.

Quote: "Here's new imagery of Russia's Sevastopol harbour defences in Crimea that were recently battered by storms."

Africk wrote on 28 November that the storms on the Black Sea had significantly damaged the Russian defences at the entrance to the Sevastopol bay.

He also published relevant images.

Background: On 26 and 27 November, there was a heavy storm in occupied Crimea. The Russian occupying authorities have claimed that the peninsula witnessed an "armageddon" during the storm, introducing a state of emergency in some areas.

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