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Former Russian-appointed leader of occupied Sevastopol detained in London

Russian landing ship Olenegorskiy Gornyak moved to occupied Sevastopol – photo

Russian occupying authorities in Sevastopol stop water supply supposedly due to mud and declare days off

Explosions rock Russian-occupied Sevastopol

Ukraine's Navy Commander says Russia won’t be able to maintain fleet without Sevastopol

Third air-raid warning of the day is issued in Sevastopol

Air-raid warning issued in Sevastopol, Crimean Bridge closed

100 people to evacuate from near Sevastopol – occupation authorities in Crimea

Explosions ring out in occupied Sevastopol and Yevpatoriia – video

Explosions heard in Sevastopol, smoke columns are reported

Explosions heard in Sevastopol, Crimean bridge closed

Ukrainian partisans claim to infiltrate Russia's marines in Sevastopol and detect equipment in Feodosiia

Occupiers rebuild anti-sea drones fortifications in Sevastopol

Explosions rock Sevastopol, Russians issue air-raid warning

Explosions ring out in occupied Sevastopol in morning

Russian air defences respond in Sevastopol: Russians claim they shot down 9 drones

Air-raid warning issued in Sevastopol, Crimean Bridge closed once again

Air-raid siren sounds in Sevastopol, Russians close Crimean Bridge again and report air defence work

Explosions rock Sevastopol: attack by naval drones

Russia reports attack by 3 uncrewed vessels near Sevastopol

Russian occupying authorities claim "likely underwater attack" on Sevastopol, Crimea

Smoke seen over Sevastopol after explosions rock Russian-occupied Crimea

Missile hits Russia's Black Sea Fleet weapon stockpiles

Strong explosion rocks Russian-occupied Sevastopol

Russians announce air-raid warning in Sevastopol and block Crimean Bridge

Occupational authorities: Attack of naval drones in Sevastopol repelled

Air-raid warning issued in Sevastopol: clouds of smoke reported, public transport suspended

Russian occupying authorities in Sevastopol rely on air defence reinforcement to protect them from attacks

Air-raid warning announced in Sevastopol, Crimean bridge is blocked

Russians claim missile attack near Belbek air base in Sevastopol