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Nepal calls on Russia to stop recruiting Nepalis for war in Ukraine: 6 residents already died

Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 12:30
Nepal calls on Russia to stop recruiting Nepalis for war in Ukraine: 6 residents already died

Nepal has addressed Russia with a demand not to recruit its citizens into the Russian army after it became known that six Nepalis who fought on the Russian side have been killed in Ukraine.

Source: Reuters with reference to the Nepalese Foreign Ministry and The Kathmandu Post newspaper

Quote from the Nepalese Foreign Ministry: "The government of Nepal has requested the Russian government to immediately return their bodies and pay compensation to their families."


More details: In addition, Reuters noted that Nepal directed diplomatic efforts to bring its citizens who served in the Russian army back from captivity.

The Kathmandu Post cited Milan Raj Tuladhar, Nepal's ambassador in Moscow, who said 150-200 Nepalis were serving as mercenaries in the Russian army.

Previously: Earlier, a video was published on social media in which a man allegedly captured by Ukrainian fighters says in English that he is a 22-year-old student from Nepal.

He said he has been "here" for only about 1.5 months, claiming that his visa ran out, he had no money, and that's why he decided to join the ranks of the Russian army.

"The university told me to pay money, but I had no money. The university says, 'you don’t give money, you return back to your country.' I didn't want to return without money. I had no other choice and then I joined the military.

Non big money, just 4,000 roubles [approximately US$43] for one month and 20 days. They told [me they’d give me] 195,000 roubles [about US$2,130]... per one salary, but they didn’t give me [that much]. Just 4,000 roubles…

From Nepal, I don't know correct exactly [how many people are fighting] but a friend told us [there are] more than 4,000-5,000 people. There were five Nepalis in the rear zone, and the group [consisted] of 23 people.

[I want to return, but] definitely not to Russia, just to my homeland. I don't have roubles and many friends are killed," he said.


 "I'm a student and I joined the military". SCREENSHOT: VIDEO ON ANONYMOUS TELEGRAM CHANNELS


  • At the beginning of October 2023, the media reported that the mercenary from Nepal named Bibek Katri, who fought on the Russian side, was also captured.

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