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Ukraine's Security Service reveals details of bold operation to destroy Russian headquarters

Friday, 8 December 2023, 22:53
Ukraine's Security Service reveals details of bold operation to destroy Russian headquarters

Vasyl Maliuk, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), disclosed the details of a special operation to destroy the Russian headquarters in Polissia and aid in the liberation of Kyiv Oblast that took place in March 2022.

Source: details of the special operation were revealed in a documentary film Lair of the enemy. Elimination from the SSU. Special Operations of Victory documentary series  

Quote: "This was the first such sabotage work using artillery forces. The successful, high-quality, sabotage practice of the SSU along with the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is an example of the fact that together we are a great force. It contributed to the defence of Kyiv Oblast. We repelled the enemy, and he was forced to retreat from the territory of Ukraine."


Details: In particular, the headquarters housed the leadership of the Russian troops advancing on Kyiv. Also, the Russians kept a large amount of equipment, ammunition and fuel nearby. This logistics and management centre became the target of the Security Service.

In order to destroy them, the special forces of the SSU quietly delivered artillery to the so-called grey zone, close to Russian positions. Heavy 152-mm guns were transferred during a sabotage raid in close proximity to the Russians.

"It was a bold operation. In fact, a few kilometres from the enemy, the guys were preparing positions for the work of our artillery," Maliuk said.

According to him, thanks to successful artillery work, the command post of the Russians was destroyed. The special operation was carried out by the SSU in cooperation with the 44th Artillery Brigade of the Operational Command Zakhid ("West") of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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