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Even if we run out of weapons, we'll fight with shovels – Ukrainian Foreign Minister

Tuesday, 16 January 2024, 05:28
Even if we run out of weapons, we'll fight with shovels – Ukrainian Foreign Minister
Dmytro Kuleba. Screenshot: video ABC News

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, has stated that "time is running out" for Congress to vote for a new funding deal to increase military aid to Ukraine, adding that even if they run out of weapons, Ukrainians will fight with shovels.

Source: Kuleba in an interview with ABC News

Details: Kuleba said that more money for Ukraine could potentially help avoid a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, in which US troops would be forced to intervene.


Quote: "Whatever the price of supporting Ukraine is now, the price of fixing the mess in the world if Ukraine loses will be much, much higher."

"If the West is not able to stop Russia in Ukraine, who else is it able to stop in other parts of the world?"

"Even if we run out of weapons, we will fight with shovels, because what is at stake here for Ukraine is the existence of this nation."

Details: Pressed on the idea that Ukraine might one day have to negotiate with Russia, Kuleba ruled out any talks with the Putin regime until Ukraine is in a much stronger position on the battlefield.

However, he acknowledged that the Russian military had "learned its lessons" and was now "far better adapted to this war", but predicted "more defeats" for Russia this year.

In recent weeks, Russian troops have become more confident on the battlefield, seizing small areas of territory in Ukraine’s east around the embattled city of Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast.

Nevertheless, Kuleba noted that these "minimal" Russian successes have come at an "extremely high price" and rejected the idea that Russia now has the upper hand on the battlefield.

ABC News noted that in recent months, Ukraine has launched drones carrying explosives at some facilities in Russia. 

Kuleba refused to comment directly on the attacks, but hinted that Kyiv was trying to show that the war in Ukraine was having a negative impact on Russia.

Quote: "President Putin must explain to his people why all of this is happening."

"I think it's helpful to force them [Russian residents] from time to time to realise that the reality outside of their TV is different and can be much, much worse than their propaganda."

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