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Polish-Ukrainian border no longer blocked, but Romanian border still is

Thursday, 18 January 2024, 10:12
Polish-Ukrainian border no longer blocked, but Romanian border still is
Photo: State Border Guards Service of Ukraine

Traffic can now move freely through all checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Polish border, though checkpoints on the Romanian border are still being blocked.

Source: Andrii Demchenko, spokesman for the State Border Guards Service of Ukraine on Ukraine’s national 24/7 newscast

Quote: "Unfortunately, [Ukrainian-Romanian border] continues to be blocked at the Porubne and Krasnoilsk checkpoints on our side. Trucks carrying cargo are coming to the Porubne checkpoint, but only empty vehicles are coming to the Krasnoilsk checkpoint."


Details: Demchenko said that very few vehicles can cross the border with Romania. The checkpoints have been blocked since Saturday. Romanian protesters are limiting the movement of trucks both in and out of Romania round the clock.

Meanwhile, the situation on the Polish-Ukrainian border has improved: border checkpoints are no longer being blocked. 

Quote: "Fortunately, the issues on the Polish border have been resolved: all of the blocked routes are now open. The Shehyni checkpoint opened on 6 December, and three other checkpoints opened in recent days: Rava Ruska, Krakivets and Yahodyn.

Traffic is moving through the checkpoints quite quickly. For example, only 100-150 trucks were able to cross the border at the Yahodyn checkpoint, a major logistical route, in either direction when the border was being blocked. Yesterday 1,100 trucks were able to cross both ways. Traffic is also moving actively through the Rava Ruska and Krakivets checkpoints."

Details: Demchenko added that there are still queues on the Polish border, but they are much shorter. Around 1,100 trucks across four checkpoints are still queueing to enter Ukraine from Poland.

Checkpoints on Slovakian and Hungarian border are no longer being blocked.


  • Romanian hauliers and farmers are blocking cargo traffic at the Siret and Vicovu de Sus checkpoints on the Romanian border with Ukraine despite the agreement reached on 15 January by the Romanian Agriculture Ministry and the farmers which met several of the farmers' demands.
  • Cargo traffic across the Polish-Ukrainian border resumed on 16 January after the Polish protesters lifted the blockade in front of the checkpoints Krakivets and Rava-Ruska. Later trucks were able to resume moving ​​through the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint, with Polish hauliers effectively calling off their protest.

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