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"It's time to act": Biden calls for over US$60 billion in aid to Ukraine

Monday, 8 January 2024, 12:11
It's time to act: Biden calls for over US$60 billion in aid to Ukraine
Joe Biden. Photo: Getty Images

US President Joe Biden has called on Republicans in Congress to act and approve supplemental funding, including a US$60 billion aid package for Ukraine, after a deal was struck to fund the government in 2024.

Source: European Pravda with reference to the White House press release

Quote: "Now, congressional Republicans must do their job, stop threatening to shut down the government, and fulfil their basic responsibility to fund critical domestic and national security priorities, including my supplemental request. It’s time for them to act."


Details: At the same time, the US president emphasised that the agreement has brought the country a step closer to "preventing a needless government shutdown and protecting important national priorities".

"It reflects the funding levels that I negotiated with both parties," Biden said.


  • Earlier, leaders of the US House of Representatives and Senate announced a deal to fund the government in 2024, which was the first step to preventing a shutdown.
  • In November, Biden signed legislation passed by Congress to temporarily fund the government until 19 January 2024. However, the law did not include assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan – this issue was considered separately.
  • Last week, the White House issued a reminder that the United States was facing a partial suspension of government funding once again.
  • In October 2023,  Biden asked Congress to approve supplemental funding, including over US$60 billion for Ukraine, but it got stuck in the Senate due to disagreements between Republicans and Democrats concerning the security of the US-Mexican border.

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