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Spain says it will give Ukraine M113 armoured personnel carriers

Thursday, 15 February 2024, 23:19
Spain says it will give Ukraine M113 armoured personnel carriers
M113 armoured personnel carrier. Photo: Wikipedia

During the meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group (also known as the Ramstein format meeting) on 14 February, Spain’s Defence Minister Margarita Robles announced that Spain would give Ukraine a number of armoured personnel carriers.

Source: Spain’s Ministry of Defence; European Pravda

Details: Robles told other Ramstein participants that Spain will urgently ship a number of M113 tracked armoured personnel carriers, two of which have been converted into ambulances, to Ukraine.


Later on, Spain will also give Ukraine several fire trucks, snowploughs, and personnel carriers, as well as a number of other pieces of equipment, including two small boats, an electricity generator, and a water treatment system.

Robles also announced that Ukraine will be given "different types of air defence equipment, equipment for anti-aircraft and naval-based military operations," though she did not disclose the details.

Spain also signalled that it was prepared to join six coalitions for the long-term development of Ukraine’s Defence Forces and capabilities created within the Ramstein format.


  • On 1 February 2023, Spain’s Ministry of Defence said it would send 20 M113 armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine on 6 February as part of its military aid for resisting Russian aggression.
  • On 14 February 2024, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the creation of the air defence coalition (also known as the drone coalition) after the 17th meeting of the Contact Group for Ukraine’s Defence. Ukraine’s NATO allies have made a commitment to supply Ukraine with one million drones.

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