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Key issue now is preservation of US support – Zelenskyy

Saturday, 17 February 2024, 16:33
Key issue now is preservation of US support – Zelenskyy
Zelenskyy and Harris in Munich on 17 February: Photo: Office of the President

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that the positive vote of the US Congress for the allocation of funds for further military assistance to Ukraine is a key issue for our country at the moment. 

Source: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, at a briefing after talks with US Vice President Kamala Harris on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference; European Pravda

Quote from Zelenskyy: "The key issue for us now is to maintain principled American support. Ukraine and our soldiers need and expect a positive vote on the support package. Thank you to everyone who realises how much depends on this one vote."


Details: In a conversation with Harris, he noted the significant results Ukraine has already managed to achieve in resisting Russian aggression thanks to American assistance, in particular, air defence. 

"American Patriot is the most reliable protection of people's lives from Russian terror. And each Patriot system saves hundreds and thousands of lives and allows our cities to work normally and, thus, our economy... There is a need to give Ukraine more economic independence, and the issue of air defence is the main one for this," Zelenskyy stressed.

The president of Ukraine added that during the talks, he told Kamala Harris about the current situation at the contact line and the opportunities and prospects of Ukraine, provided there's sufficient support from allies, and about "the transformation of our state, in particular solutions that can increase our resilience."


Harris, in her speech, focused on the difference in the potential of Ukraine and Russia and the fact that despite this dramatic difference, Ukraine, including thanks to the support of partners, has achieved a number of outstanding successes.

"It is in our strategic interest to support assistance to Ukraine... History shows that if an aggressor like Putin can seize land with impunity, they do not stop there, and other aggressors begin to feel more confident," Harris said. 

She said that the majority of members of the US Congress in both chambers support Ukraine.   

Quote from Harris: "President Biden and I will continue to work to provide you with the weapons and resources you need to succeed. We will continue supporting your efforts to achieve a just and sustainable peace. We will work to ensure that Russia pays for the damage caused to Ukraine. We want Ukraine to emerge from this war as a free, democratic and independent state... We will be with you as long as necessary." 


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