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US House of Representatives starts recess without voting for Ukraine aid bill

Friday, 16 February 2024, 02:48
US House of Representatives starts recess without voting for Ukraine aid bill
Mike Johnson. Photo: Twitter (X)

The US House of Representatives has gone on recess until the end of February without voting on the Senate-approved bill containing an aid package for Ukraine, a move which the White House has criticised.

Source: Andrew Bates, a representative of the White House on Х (Twitter); The Hill

Details: Bates' post states that the White House is outraged by the fact that the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, has started a recess "without bringing up the Senate-passed Ukraine aid package."


Bates added that Johnson had announced the recess "instead of ending the harm he’s doing to our national security."

Quote: "Every day that Speaker Johnson causes our national security to deteriorate, America loses. 

And every day that he puts off a clean vote, congressional Republicans’ standing with the American people plunges." 


"But instead of ending his politicisation of the country’s safety, Speaker Johnson is cutting and running, sending the House on an early, undeserved vacation as he continues to strengthen Russia’s murderous war effort and the Iranian regime at the expense of American national security, U.S. manufacturing jobs, and our closest alliances."


  • On 13 February, the US Senate voted in favour of a package bill that includes US$60 billion to support Ukraine, Israel and other allied countries.
  • US President Joe Biden called on House Speaker Mike Johnson in an emergency address on 13 February to "immediately" put the bill with additional funding for Ukraine that the Senate had passed to a vote.
  • But Johnson stated that the Senate bill lacks tougher border security measures demanded by Republicans in the House of Representatives, and he will not bring it to a vote in the lower chamber.

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