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Navalny's wife addressing Russians: We know why Putin killed Alexei, I urge you to fight together

Monday, 19 February 2024, 13:38
Navalny's wife addressing Russians: We know why Putin killed Alexei, I urge you to fight together
Yulia Navalnaya. Screenshot from her video message

After the Russian authorities announced Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's death in prison, his wife Yulia accused President Vladimir Putin of murder and promised to carry on her husband's struggle.

Source: Yulia Navalnaya in a video message released on Navalny's YouTube channel

Quote: "I should not have been here, I should not have recorded this video. Another person was supposed to be in my place, but Vladimir Putin killed him. Three days ago, Putin killed my husband, Alexei Navalny."


Details: Yulia Navalnaya noted that in the penal colony in the far north of Russia, "Putin took Navalny away" not only from her but also from fellow Russians in order to kill hopes for a new Russia and its future with him as a leader.

Yulia Navalnaya noted that "Alexei died in the penal colony after three years of torment and torture", in isolation and deprived of the opportunity to communicate with his family, and that Putin failed to break him, so he decided to cowardly kill Navalny.

She says, "They (Russian authorities) are hiding his body in the same vile and cowardly way, not showing it to his mother, not releasing it, telling pathetic lies and waiting for the traces of Putin's 'Novichok' [poison] to vanish."

Quote: "We know precisely why Putin killed Alexei three days ago. We will soon share it with you. We will definitely find out who exactly committed this crime and how they did it. We will reveal the names and show the faces.

However, the critical thing we can do for Alexei and ourselves is to keep fighting harder, tougher, and fiercer than before. I know it seems impossible to do more, but we need to do more. We must all gather in one strong fist and hit this crazy regime, Putin, his friends, the thugs in uniform (corrupted law enforcement – ed.), the thieves and murderers who have crippled our country."

Details: Yulia Navalnaya noted that Alexei Navalny was ready to give his life for Russia, which is why he had come back to his homeland.

She added, "his great love will be enough for us to carry on his fight for as long as it takes – as fiercely and as bravely as Alexei did".

Yulia Navalnaya urged people to fight together for a free, peaceful, happy Russia without Putin and to build a country full of dignity.

Quote: "I will carry on Alexei Navalny's fight. I will continue to fight for our country. And I urge you to stand by my side. To share not only bitterness and endless pain but also rage, anger and hatred towards those who dared to kill our future.

I am addressing you with the words of Alexei, in which I believe very much: 'It is not a shame to do little, it is a shame to do nothing, it is a shame to allow yourself to be intimidated.

We must use every opportunity to fight against war, corruption, and injustice, to struggle for fair elections and freedom of speech, and to fight to get our country back (...).

Keep on fighting, and do not give up. I am not afraid - and you should not be scared of anything either."


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