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Office of the Prosecutor General

Agent network trying to sell Ukrainian developments to Russia detained in Kharkiv Oblast – photo

Polish citizen detained for offering to help Russian secret services assassinate Zelenskyy

Former employees of Ukraine's Security Service exposed on fuel fraud – photo

Prosecutor General's Office aware of 54 Ukrainian prisoners of war executed by Russians

Call-up notice as revenge: Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office launches case over obstruction of journalists' activity

Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office denies reports of prosecutor general's over 100 days of official trips

Ukraine's prosecutor general spent over 100 days abroad on official trips last year

President's Office considers dismissing Prosecutor General

Saboteurs attempt to detonate railway line in Poltava Oblast – photo

Ukraine's Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office becomes independent body

Former Ukrainian PM Azarov to face trial for treason and anti-Ukrainian messages on Telegram

Fifth wife of head of Russian political party served with notice of suspicion of kidnapping Ukrainian children

Over 800 Russian cyber attacks on Ukraine's state institutions and services since February 2022 – Prosecutor General

Ukraine's Security Service detains Russian agent plotting to blow up railway in Kharkiv Oblast

Law enforcement officers investigate 45 killings of Ukrainian PoWs

SSU exposes archpriest of Moscow-connected church who called Azov soldiers "Nazis"

Security Service detains Kharkiv university employee on espionage charges – photo

New Russian crime: Ukraine launches investigation into shooting of Ukrainian POWs near Robotyne

Revolution of Dignity participants killed by Ukrainian law enforcement officers under Russian influence – investigation

Russia has already fired 24 North Korean-made ballistic missiles on Ukraine: Prosecutor General explains their specifics

Neutron Source attack: former Russian colonel general charged with ecocide

Spying on Bihus.Info journalists: Prosecutor General's Office announces launch of another investigation

Pro-Russian MP Shufrych faces new allegation

Prosecutor General's Office takes over Bihus.Info surveillance case in Security Service's stead

Former Ukrainian MP Kuzmin's state treason case heads to court

Supreme Court official suspected of justifying Russian aggression against Ukraine

Ukrainian court arrests former MP's real estate worth of US$ 12.2 million – photo

US$38 million embezzlement attempt thwarted in artillery shells procurement for Ukrainian forces

Prosecutor General's Office to request arrest and US$13 million bail for son of businessman involved in MoD procurement case

Son of infamous Lviv businessman detained in Odesa: He prepared to flee abroad – photo