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White House blames Congress for inaction that led to Ukraine losing Avdiivka

Tuesday, 20 February 2024, 21:35
White House blames Congress for inaction that led to Ukraine losing Avdiivka
Stock photo: Getty Images

The White House has stated that Ukraine lost Avdiivka due to the inaction of the US Congress.

Source: European Pravda, citing John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council in the White House, quoted by the news agency Ukrinform

Details: Kirby stressed that Ukraine had succeeded in holding off the attacks by Russian occupying forces for several months until it began to run out of ammunition.


"Especially artillery ammunition, which is necessary to prevent Russian forces from reaching Ukrainian defence lines and seizing these positions," the White House official said.

He emphasised that Ukraine's decision to withdraw from Avdiivka was not due to any lack of bravery or military leadership, tactical courage or combat skills on the part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"It was because of congressional inaction. We've been warning Congress that if they didn't act, Ukraine would suffer losses on the battlefield, and here you go," Kirby said.

He also called the Ukrainian command’s decision to withdraw troops from Avdiivka "wise", as it was done to preserve human lives – the most valuable resources in a war.

In this regard, Kirby urged lawmakers in the House of Representatives to ensure that weapons and ammunition reach the Ukrainian military as soon as possible.

Earlier, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba made a similar statement, noting that the Ukrainian army’s shortage of weapons was due to the US Congress’s failure to pass a bill on supplemental aid to Ukraine.

For several months now, Congress has been unable to approve supplemental aid to Ukraine due to the lack of compromise on the part of Republicans in the House of Representatives on the southern border issue.

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