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Canada considers sending decommissioned air-to-ground rockets to Ukraine

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 23:45
Canada considers sending decommissioned air-to-ground rockets to Ukraine
Photo: Getty Images

Canadian Defence Minister Bill Blair has said that Canada is continuing to look into the possibility of sending CRV7 rockets which were slated for disposal to Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda, citing Ukrinform

Details: Blair explained that Canada had considered supplying Ukraine with the air-to-ground rockets that were due to be disposed of when the full-scale invasion began, "but at that time Ukraine's ability to use them was extremely limited".


"However, we have since seen that the Ukrainians have found ingenious ways to use other technologies, such as drones, that might make these munitions useful to them," the Canadian defence minister added.

Blair said that Canada is currently working with Ukraine and its allies to verify that the decommissioned rockets are fit for use and transportation: "This work continues as quickly as possible, because the need is urgent."

The Canadian Armed Forces have a stockpile of more than 83,000 CRV7 rockets, which were developed in the 1980s and taken out of service in the early 2000s. Three years ago, the federal government signed a contract to dispose of the rockets.

The CRV7 was considered one of the most powerful air-to-ground rockets of its time and was still in service with allied countries during the Afghan war. The Conservatives, who are in opposition, are now demanding that the government donate tens of thousands of these rockets to Ukraine.

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