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Putin: Biden calling me son of a bitch is "absolutely reasonable reaction"

Thursday, 22 February 2024, 18:21
Putin: Biden calling me son of a bitch is absolutely reasonable reaction
Putin. Stock photo: Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin has commented on the remarks of his US counterpart Joe Biden, who called the former a "crazy son of a bitch".

Source: video of a conversation between Putin and Kremlin-aligned journalist Pavel Zarubin released by the Kremlin press service

Details: Putin suggested that the phrase "son of a bitch" was a response to his recent interview, in which the Russian president called Biden a better future US president for Russia than Donald Trump.


Putin explained his train of thought thus: "And judging from what he has just said, I am absolutely right. Because this is a reasonable response to what I have said. Why? Because he couldn't just tell me: 'Well done, Vladimir, thank you, you’ve helped me a lot.'"

The Russian president also claimed that he had not changed his mind after being called "son of a bitch" and still considers Biden to be the best option from the Russian point of view.


  • In a speech at a public event, US President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a "crazy son of a bitch". The Kremlin has labelled these words a "disgrace".
  • Media reports have suggested that Biden uses obscene language and swearing in private conversations to describe his primary political opponent, Donald Trump.

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