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Lukashenko says he will run in next elections, and Belarus’ "limit of revolutions" is exhausted

Sunday, 25 February 2024, 11:45
Lukashenko says he will run in next elections, and Belarus’ limit of revolutions is exhausted
Alexander Lukashenko. Photo: BelTA

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus' self-proclaimed president, has announced his intention to run in the 2025 presidential election.

Source: BelTA

Quote: "I’ll run [for president – ed.], I will, I will. Tell them [the opposition – ed.] that I will run!


And the more difficult the situation becomes, the more they will attempt to agitate our society and you in particular (for me, believe me, this is critical – no responsible president will abandon his people who have followed him into battle); the more they will strain you, me, and society, the sooner I will run in these elections. Do not worry; we will do what is necessary for Belarus."

Details: In response to a clarifying question on whether these words can be interpreted as a direct statement and whether a new electoral cycle has already begun, the head of state emphasised: "I have already said a lot about the fact that this is the electoral cycle and that we will be riled up before the presidential election, and that it will be the pinnacle of everything. This is the cycle. As for official or not, what you ask is what you get. I responded to the question I was asked. If you need me to specify, I will state unequivocally and sincerely: There’s nothing new to say yet."

For reference: In 2020, Lukashenko went to his sixth term as head of Belarus.

The Belarusian opposition has called for a boycott of the vote to elect parliamentarians and local councils in Belarus on Sunday 25 February, which will take place without the presence of international observers.

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