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EU on Putin's threats: A part of his re-election efforts and a long-standing lie

Thursday, 29 February 2024, 15:48
EU on Putin's threats: A part of his re-election efforts and a long-standing lie
Photo: Getty Images

The EU has commented on the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who addressed Russia's Federal Assembly [the parliament] on 29 February.

Source: Peter Stano, European Commission's Foreign Policy Spokesperson, during the daily briefing in Brussels

Details: "This speech should be viewed in the context of the upcoming presidential election in Russia. This is part of Putin's re-election efforts," Stano said.


On the other hand, he added, it is one of many examples of Putin trying to shift the blame for the war he started against Ukraine and the instability he is trying to generate around Ukraine in the region.

"It's another opportunity for him to spread a well-known lie. He keeps deceiving his own nation and misleading the public abroad because some still listen to him," the spokesman said.

The official stressed that it was Putin who started the war against Ukraine, and he is responsible for all the consequences, including domestic effects in Russia, regional ones in Ukraine, and even global implications.

Stano also emphasised that all of Putin's nuclear threats are completely unacceptable and inappropriate.

"Putin is deceiving the nation, living under an iron fist and Stalin-style repression, the army is in a catastrophic state, the economy is collapsing, trust in the country is completely destroyed, and his efforts to destroy Ukraine have failed," he said.

Background: On 29 February, Putin addressed the Federal Assembly, where he spoke, among other things, about the "full readiness" of Russian nuclear forces and threatened NATO countries with consequences if they send their troops to Ukraine. At the same time, he called the fears that Russia would attack European countries "nonsense".

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