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Medical evacuation robots tested in Ukraine – photo

Thursday, 29 February 2024, 19:28
Medical evacuation robots tested in Ukraine – photo
Photo: Hanna Hvozdiar

Demonstrations of ground-based robotic systems capable of medical evacuation were conducted in Ukraine.

Source: Hanna Hvozdiar, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for Strategic Industries, on Facebook

All Photos: Hanna Hvozdiar

Quote: "We have to replace people with machines wherever possible. After all, the most valuable thing we have at the front is people.


Robots will be able to evacuate the wounded from heavy fire. This is critical because it will save our doctors' lives, and the soldiers will be able to get help faster, giving them a better chance of an early evacuation."


Details: Reports say that seven manufacturers presented their products. These include Terra Traverse, Robotic Complexes, Keep Robotics, Trident Technologies, Ukrainian Unmanned Technologies, Tencore, and X Company. The robots were evaluated by representatives from the Medical Forces Command as well as doctors working on the front lines.

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