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Ukraine's defeat will provide Russia with resources for new "special military operations" – Czech Foreign Affairs chief

Friday, 1 March 2024, 11:37
Ukraine's defeat will provide Russia with resources for new special military operations – Czech Foreign Affairs chief
Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský. Photo: Ministry of foreign affairs of Czechia on X (Twitter)

Russian imperial ambitions are limitless, and if given the opportunity, Russia would not hesitate to attack other former Eastern Bloc countries.

Source: Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský, as reported by European Pravda with reference to Czech news agency Ceske Noviny

Details: Lipavský emphasises the importance of continuing to support Ukraine and putting pressure on Russia and its allies through sanctions.


Quote: "A defeat for Ukraine would bring new resources to the victors and open the door for more ‘special military operations’ in Central and Eastern Europe," Lipavský said, citing the term typically used by Moscow to define its war in Ukraine.

The chief Czech diplomat said it is necessary to set limits on Russian imperial ambitions. "The war in Ukraine is also our war. Our future is at stake," he stated.

"If we allow Russia to destroy Ukraine, if its aggression goes unpunished, other predators around the world will follow," he added.

Lipavský argues that Europeans have been prone to "strategic procrastination" since the Cold War ended. "We believed that the fall of communism brought an era of peace, democracy, and prosperity," the politician stated, but this led to ignoring clear warnings, such as Russia's war in Georgia, the annexation of Crimea, and the murder of opponents of the Moscow regime.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin believes that if Ukraine loses the full-scale war with Russia, the latter will be forced to fight the entire North Atlantic Alliance.

Speaking in the UK House of Commons on 28 February, UK Foreign Office Minister of State Andrew Mitchell described ensuring Ukraine's success in the fight against Russia as "the biggest test of our generation."

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