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Scholz reiterates he will not send Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Tuesday, 12 March 2024, 01:54
Scholz reiterates he will not send Taurus missiles to Ukraine
Scholz. Stock photo: Wikipedia

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that he does not want to create "any false expectations", so he reiterated the impossibility of transferring Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

Source: Scholz at a joint press conference with his Malaysian counterpart Anwar Ibrahim in Berlin, quoted by Ukrinform

Quote: "As for one particular weapon system, given its effectiveness and method of use, I believe that it cannot be used uncontrollably, but the participation of the German military is not justified, even from outside Ukraine."


"It is my task as chancellor, as head of government, to speak accurately and not to create any false expectations. And my answers are accordingly clear."

Details: Scholz said that his clear position on the issue is that the use of these missiles is "not justified".

He reiterated that Germany is by far the country that supports Ukraine the most – financially as well as with arms supplies.

Quote: "In total, the preliminary and promised deliveries reach €28 billion or US$30 billion. This is a significant amount.

We have mobilised everything to ensure that Ukraine receives the necessary support from us – ammunition, artillery, tanks and air defence of various types."

Details: He called this assistance highly effective, reliable and constant, which Ukraine greatly appreciates.

It is noted that it is significant that Scholz very rarely mentions the name of the missile in question – Taurus. This time, he did not say the word again.


  • Recently, Scholz explained that the transfer of long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine was impossible because Germany must retain control over the deployment of these weapons, and this is only possible with German soldiers on Ukrainian territory.
  • Earlier, he had once again ruled out sending Taurus missiles to Ukraine, claiming that it would mean that Germany would become a party to the war with Russia.
  • Scholz said that Germany could not give Ukraine "weapons with a range of 500 kilometres, which, if misused, could reach the target in Moscow." 
  • After that, a scandal erupted in Germany over the interception and leak of a conversation between representatives of the air force – who, according to Russian propaganda, discussed the blowing up of the Crimean (Kerch) Bridge with Taurus missiles.
  • The German Ministry of Defence confirmed the interception.
  • German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius commented on the scandal, noting that it was a hybrid attack aimed at disinformation.

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