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Macron promises French troops will not attack Russia if they are deployed in Ukraine

Thursday, 14 March 2024, 21:58
Macron promises French troops will not attack Russia if they are deployed in Ukraine
Emmanuel Macron. Stock photo: Getty Images

French President Emmanuel Macron has stated that in the event that Western troops are deployed in Ukraine, French forces will not launch an offensive against Russia.

Source: Macron in an interview for the TV channels TF1 and France 2, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: "What is happening in Ukraine? A war that is existential for our Europe and for France. We have set too many constraints, so to speak, in our vocabulary. We do not want escalation. We are not at war with Russia."


Details: Macron explained that if France is forced to send troops to Ukraine, then "the only one responsible for that is the Kremlin’s regime".

"It won’t be us. We will never launch an offensive, and we will never take the initiative," he stressed.

Explaining his remarks about the potential deployment of troops in Ukraine, Macron added that under the current circumstances, it is crucial not to let Russia win the war, which is "ongoing on European soil".

Quote: "France is a force for peace. But today, in order to have peace in Ukraine, we must not be weak, and so we must look at the situation lucidly and say with determination, strong will and courage that we are ready to use all the means at our disposal to achieve our objective, which is that Russia should not win."

Background: Earlier, Macron stated that "it should not be ruled out" that Western troops might be sent to Ukraine. Later, he added that his remarks, which have caused a stir, were carefully thought through.

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