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French PM on consequences of Russia's victory: Ukrainians will hold if we support them

Zelenskyy awards Order of Merit to Alain Delon – video

France says Russia will be invited to anniversary of Normandy landings, but not Putin

France decides to invite Russia to anniversary of Allied landings in Normandy

US, UK and France aid in repelling attack on Israel

France to participate in Peace Summit in Switzerland

It's up to Ukraine to determine its own ways of defending itself, French and Canadian leaders say

French President and UK Prime Minister discuss increasing supplies of ammunition and air defence equipment to Ukraine

It is no longer in our interest to talk to Russian officials – French foreign minister

UK and France call for increased aid to Ukraine: If Ukraine loses, we all lose

French President convinced Russia will target Olympic Games in Paris

Kremlin launches propaganda campaign against France after Macron's statements on Ukraine

France rejects Russian statement on Paris' readiness for dialogue on Ukraine

French Defence Minister talks to his Russian counterpart for the first time since 2022

WSJ reveals how Macron tried to push Biden and Scholz to adopt tougher approach towards Putin

France to give Ukraine hundreds of armoured vehicles and missiles for SAMP/T air defence systems

Paris mayor says Russian and Belarusian athletes will not be welcome in Paris during Olympics

Ukraine's Defence Minister discusses investing into French military industrial complex – photo

Polish media reveal how Polish PM persuaded Macron to change import terms against Ukraine's favour

France to supply 78 Caesar self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine soon

Macron travels to Brazil to seek progress on Lula's stance towards Ukraine

French President calls "cynical" Russia's attempts to link Ukraine with terrorist attack near Moscow

Support for Ukraine could go beyond arms supplies – France's top general

France joins Poland in requesting restrictions on import of Ukrainian agricultural products

Macron promises to come to Ukraine with "specific solutions" for war

Macron: We have no limits and will react to Russia's behaviour

Macron promises French troops will not attack Russia if they are deployed in Ukraine

"Putin's friend" Le Pen criticises Russia's war against Ukraine

Scholz, Macron and Tusk to meet to discuss their stances on support for Ukraine – Politico

Zelenskyy: French soldiers "will not be dying in Ukraine"