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Allies urge Germany to strengthen security after Taurus talk leaks – Bloomberg

Monday, 4 March 2024, 23:11
Allies urge Germany to strengthen security after Taurus talk leaks – Bloomberg
Taurus missile. Photo: Getty Images

Some of Germany's allies have called on it to tighten security protocols related to classified information after Russia leaked secret talks between German air force officers about a possible Taurus missile delivery to Ukraine.

Source: Bloomberg reported citing sources, European Pravda reports

Details: According to Bloomberg, officials in some NATO countries have expressed concern about Germany's negligent attitude to operational security, which led to the leak of a conversation between German officers, in particular, due to their use of the non-encrypted WebEx platform.


One source called the negligence "unprofessional" and said that such behaviour could be expected from people who have never received security training, but not from military officials.

Another source said they were not surprised by the lapse on Germany's part, and a third one said the leak would likely lead to increased security measures around the world, but especially in Germany.

The German official, who spoke to Bloomberg on condition of anonymity, said that the incident showed that the changes in security and defence policy caused by the full-scale war in Ukraine are still ongoing.

At the same time, NATO officials downplayed the importance of the published information, recalling Germany's well-known and public opposition to sending Taurus missiles to Ukraine. They also stressed the importance of maintaining the unity of the Alliance despite this incident.

As reported, the German Ministry of Defence has initiated an investigation into whether the intercepted conversations of the air force representatives, who, according to Russian propaganda, discussed the blowing up of the Kerch (Crimean) Bridge with Taurus missiles, took place.

The Ministry of Defence later confirmed the interception. German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius commented on the scandal, noting that it was a hybrid disinformation attack.

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