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Tens of missiles launched on Israel from Lebanon – IDF

Friday, 12 April 2024, 20:50
Tens of missiles launched on Israel from Lebanon – IDF

At least 40 missiles were launched on Israel from the territory of Lebanon on the evening of 12 April, IDF states. Hezbollah, a political party and militant group that first emerged in Lebanon after the 1982 Israeli invasion, took the responsibility for it.

Source: the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF); The Times of Israel

Quote by the IDF: "Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel a short while ago, approximately 40 launches were identified crossing from Lebanese territory, some of which were intercepted. The rest fell in open areas. No injuries were reported."


Details: Earlier in the evening the air defence system of the IDF successfully intercepted two explosive UAVs of Hezbollah which had crossed the Lebanese territory and entered the territory of Israel.

Several launches, which passed the territory of Lebanon in the direction of Ramot Naftali, were also documented. There is no information concerning casualties.

Within the last few hours the IDF struck a number of settlements in the south of Lebanon "in order to remove [the] threat".

In the video posted on social media several interception missiles of the Iron Dome can be seen intercepting a barrage of missiles.

AFP reports that the US is transferring additional troops to the Middle East in anticipation of an Iranian attack on Israel.

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