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Ukrainian citizen recollects monstrous tortures Russians used during his captivity

Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 19:12
Ukrainian citizen recollects monstrous tortures Russians used during his captivity

A Ukrainian citizen named Volodymyr has recollected, in an interview for Slidstvo.Info, how the Russians held him captive for more than a year in three locations – in a torture chamber in Kherson, in temporarily occupied Crimea, and in a penal colony and pre-trial detention centre in Russia.

Source:, a team of independent professional journalists

Details: After he was detained in Kherson, Volodymyr said, the Russians put chains on him and stretched out his body in the shape of a star. His interrogation was accompanied by physical violence, threats and tasering.


The Russian forces began to torture Volodymyr during his first interrogation.

Quote: "They used forceps or some kind of medieval finger cutters, as far as I could understand – they squeezed my genitals with them and threatened to cut them off. They threatened, using criminal slang, to sexually assault me in an unnatural way with a baton."

Details: Volodymyr also noted that the corrections officers in Russia constantly threatened him with sexual violence. Threats like this were commonplace.

After a month of detention in the Kherson torture chamber, Volodymyr was transferred along with several other people to a so-called "showcase camp" in Sevastopol (in temporarily occupied Crimea). There, they removed a cast that had been put on him in the Kherson torture chamber, which had not once been adjusted during the month of detention.

Two days later, the Kherson detainees were flown to the Russian Federation and placed in a pre-trial detention centre in the city of Borisoglebsk, Voronezh Oblast.

Quote: "Any movement outside the cells was accompanied by beatings and tasering, and you could not walk standing up straight – you’d always have to be in a dolphin position: head down, hands up."

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