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Ukraine's Intelligence Chief supports holding of "Russian Opposition Forum" in Lviv

Thursday, 23 May 2024, 22:36
Ukraine's Intelligence Chief supports holding of Russian Opposition Forum in Lviv

Lviv has hosted a "Russian Opposition Forum in Support of Ukraine," supposedly attended by 40 Russian opposition groups. Kyrylo Budanov, Head of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, has supported such events as they "bring the end of the Putin regime closer". 

Source: the website of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence; Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi; former member of Russian State Duma Ilya Ponomarev; RusMonitor media outlet

Details: The forum was attended by more than 40 participants from leading opposition groups.


Representatives of three volunteer Russian battalions that fought on the side of Ukraine took part in the event, as well as representatives of the Office of Ukraine’s President and the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament).

The resolution adopted at the end of the event states that the participants express their support for the peace initiatives of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, which he voices before the International Peace Conference in Switzerland.

The resolution reads: "The end of the war and the creation of sustainable peace and security in Europe, as well as the punishment of war criminals and fair compensation for Ukraine for the damage caused by the hostilities, are impossible without a change of government and the democratic restructuring of Russia."


Details: Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi reacted to the fact that such a forum was held, saying that he had sent inquiries to the relevant authorities.

Quote from Sadovyi: "They say that a forum of some Russian opposition is taking place in Lviv today. The participants are allegedly Khodorkovsky, Kasparov, Feigin, Shenderovich and other names I don't know very well. Who knows if this is a joke? I have already sent a request to the relevant authorities".

Details: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine reported that the forum was attended by representatives of the political and armed opposition to Putin's regime, including delegates from volunteer units fighting in the Ukrainian Defence Forces.

Quote from Defence Intelligence of Ukraine: "Kyrylo Budanov, Head of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, supported the holding of such an event as one of the manifestations of the struggle against the Kremlin dictatorship, which also contributes to Ukraine's victory over the aggressor state.

Such events bring the end of Putin's regime closer and contribute to the consolidation of all forces aimed at overthrowing the dictatorship in Russia and defeating the Kremlin in the war against Ukraine."

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