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Ukraine's Air Force hits 16 clusters of Russian military personnel – General Staff report

Friday, 24 May 2024, 21:05
Ukraine's Air Force hits 16 clusters of Russian military personnel – General Staff report
Stock photo: Brody 16th Separate Army Aviation Brigade

Ukraine’s Air Force hit 16 clusters of Russian military personnel on 24 May.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 19:30 on 24 May

Quote: "Over the past 24 hours, the number of combat clashes on the Russian-Ukrainian war front has increased to 77. Russian invaders are making every effort to break through our defences, and are exhausting their offensive potential in these attempts.


Ukrainian troops are holding their positions, conducting counterattacks and defeating the enemy. Over the course of the day, our aircraft struck 16 areas where Russian occupiers' personnel were concentrated. [Ukraine's] Rocket Forces and Artillery hit a cluster of personnel, two infrastructure facilities and conducted remote mining of one area."

Details: The General Staff reports that on the Kharkiv front, the Russians tried to drive Ukrainian units out of their positions 12 times. Three assault operations are ongoing. The situation near Vovchansk is intense, but controlled by Ukraine's Defence Forces. Today, Russian forces launched an aerial terror attack on this settlement: a total of eight guided aerial bombs were dropped on the town. The Russians also dropped two more guided bombs near Bilyi Kolodiaz, and one airstrike hit Mala Danylivka.

Six combat clashes continue on the Kupiansk front, out of 18 since the beginning of the day.


On the Kramatorsk front, there is currently one combat clash in progress. A total of 12 combat clashes took place on this front today.

Since the beginning of the day, Russian losses on the Kramatorsk front amount to 25 killed and wounded, and 6 units of weapons and military equipment destroyed.

On the Pokrovsk front, 14 combat clashes have taken place so far. The Russians, with the support of aircraft, are trying to direct their main assault efforts towards the settlements of Novooleksandrivka and Novoselivka Persha.

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