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Ukraine grows stronger, starting path to peace from position of strength – President of Finland

Saturday, 15 June 2024, 21:19
Ukraine grows stronger, starting path to peace from position of strength – President of Finland
Alexander Stubb, Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Finnish President Alexander Stubb believes that Ukraine is now in a better position to start peace talks than it was a few weeks ago, thanks to the support of its Western allies.

Source: Stubb in a speech at the plenary session of the Global Peace Summit in Burgenstock, Switzerland, on 15 June, European Pravda reports

Details: Speaking about the prospects of the summit, Stubb said that the last week "has been great for peace".


"Why? Because of this summit, because of the G7 summit, because of the decision to negotiate Ukraine's accession to the EU this week and because of the support that our NATO allies are giving to Ukraine," he explained.

The Finnish president noted that in view of this, "Ukraine is actually starting the path to peace from a position of strength that is much stronger than it was three weeks ago or, let alone, three months ago." 

Stubb said that the current peace summit should definitely have a certain continuation because "peace is not a state, but always a process".



  • The two-day Global Peace Summit has started in Switzerland, being scheduled for 15-16 June. The programme includes a plenary session and discussions on the three points of the "peace formula" – nuclear security, food security and the humanitarian dimension.
  • In his speech at the Global Peace Summit, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressed that it was Russia that chose the war and could end it by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine.
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy hopes to agree on a plan to achieve a just peace in Ukraine, which will allow "to record the real end of the war" at the next Peace Summit.

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