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Russia sends warships to Cuba

Friday, 7 June 2024, 04:06
Russia sends warships to Cuba
Russian warships sail on the river Neva during a rehearsal for the naval parade. Photo: Getty Images

Cuba announced on 6 June that four Russian warships will arrive in Havana next week.

Source: Reuters

Quote from Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "This visit corresponds to the historical friendly relations between Cuba and the Russian Federation and strictly adheres to the international regulations.


None of the ships carry nuclear weapons, so their stopover in our country does not represent a threat to the region."

Details: Cuba's announcement came the day after a US official informed journalists that Russia plans to send warships to the Caribbean region, including Cuba and Venezuela, for naval training. 

Tensions between the US and Russia have increased following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022. US officials stated that while Russian naval activity in the Atlantic is common, it has intensified due to US support for Ukraine.


However, a US official said on Wednesday that Washington does not view the anticipated arrival of several Russian aircraft and ships as a threat. Still, the US Navy will monitor the training. 

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Russian ships are expected to arrive in Havana between 12 and 17 June.

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