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Russian propagandists confirm they targeted drone manufacturers in Chernihiv

Russia hit Chernihiv during drone manufacturers and aerial reconnaissance gathering

Russians hit centre of Chernihiv with missile, killing and wounding civilians

Missile strike on house of culture in Chernihiv: body of second victim retrieved from under rubble

Zelenskyy holds meeting of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Staff in Chernihiv, says Ukraine prepares for "active operations"

Zelenskyy appoints head of Chernihiv City Military Administration

Explosion from Shahed kamikaze drone in Chernihiv, 2 Russian missiles shot down over Kipti, Chernihiv Oblast

Two soldiers blamed for shooting child with grenade launcher in Chernihiv

Two people detained as suspects involved in explosion in Chernihiv – Zelenskyy

Explosion in Chernihiv: 15 people turned for medical help, 8 of them children

Explosion in Chernihiv: Zelenskyy addresses local governments across Ukraine

Grenade launcher goes off at exhibition in Chernihiv: 4 children injured

Border guards awarded a pensioner from Chernihiv who shot at an hostile plane with a rifle

Aimed at an apartment building from a tank: the Russian soldier is sentenced to 10 years in prison

Chernihiv region: temporary crossing be built over the Desna River to replace the destroyed bridge

First humanitarian aid train arrives in Chernihiv

The road from Chernihiv to the capital is being repaired, crossings are being built near the destroyed bridges

Chernihiv region: Ukrainian government creates temporary crossing to Chernihiv

Chernihiv: About 700 people were killed during the blockade of the city by Russian troops – the mayor

A safe route has been organised from Chernihiv - Regional State Administration

Chernihiv Mayor: 70% of Chernihiv destroyed, Russian troops 1.5 hours away

Russian troops attack 2 volunteer convoys near Chernihiv

Russia has not given up trying to capture Kyiv and Chernihiv - the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

The de-escalation near Kyiv and Chernihiv does not mean a cease fire - said Medinsky

Chernihiv region suffers eight fires in a day because of Russian shelling

Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor caught under fire near Chernihiv: there are victims

The mayor of Chernihiv: The city is completely destroyed, less than half of the population remains

Russian troops bomb bridge on the way from Chernihiv to Kyiv

Presidential Office: One can only leave Chernihiv alone or with volunteers

Humanitarian disaster in Chernihiv: no power, people cooking over fires, bodies lying around for hours