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The de-escalation near Kyiv and Chernihiv does not mean a cease fire - said Medinsky

Tuesday, 29 March 2022, 19:04
The de-escalation near Kyiv and Chernihiv does not mean a cease fire - said Medinsky

The head of the Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky clarified that de-escalation of military actions by the Russian forces in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions does not equal a cease fire. 

Source: Comments by Medinsky made to Russian propaganda channel RT
Quote: "Our first step is military de-escalation in two directions - Kyiv and Chernihiv. This is not a cease fire - this is our contribution to the de-escalation in those regions.  

We understand that in Kiyv there are people, who need to make important decisions, which is why we don't want to put this city under unnecessary risk"


Details: Medinsky added that this should be considered as a "first step in the response" to the compromises expressed by the Ukrainian side. Currently the Russian delegation appears to be preparing a full written "corrections list" to the Ukrainian proposal.  

He said that Russia's General Staff will soon provide clarification on what exact "deescalation" actions the occupying army is planning to take. 

- Immediately after the current round of negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations ended, Medinsky stated that the Russian army will "greatly reduce" its incursion in the directions of Chernihiv and Kyiv.

- Witnesses in regions of Belarus near to the Ukrainian borders reported that Russian military equipment is being moved from locations near the border to positions deeper in the rear.

- Commenting on statements in US media, representatives of US Intelligence confirmed that Russia is moving part of its forces away from Kyiv towards Belarus.

- US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reacted to the results of the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia on the 29th of March, by noting that one should pay attention to Russia's actions, not their public rhetoric.